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Dive Indonesia | September 22, 2017

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Best Places To Learn To Dive In Bali - Dive Indonesia

Best Places To Learn To Dive In Bali
  • On March 18, 2014

If you want to explore the Indonesian waters especially when you wish to learn to dive in Bali’s clear, blue oceans, then you must also consider picking the perfect spots for you do plunge in the deep and see the beauty beneath the ocean’s surface. When you land in Bali and you wish to have a diving cruise with your family and friends, consider these different hot spots around the city.

If you choose to learn to dive in Bali, you could try plunging into the waters of Sanur and Nusa Dua. They have moderately-deep coral reefs and are just five minutes away if you plan to go there through boat. You’ll also be amazed with its collection of fishes. Nusa Dua has better scenes of coral reefs for you to watch than Sanur’s. If steeper slopes are your thing, then head yourselves to Nusa Penida or Lembongan Island. Just 15 meters and 45 meters away, it offers various colors and sizes of coral reefs, as well as fishes that are very unique and vibrant to the eyes.

Although it has a strong current, one may find this place very pleasurable for diving. Flat types of coral reefs await you if you sail yourselves for 6-15 meters to the Padang Bay. The conditions may vary upon sailing, but the scenes around it are priceless for tourists. Underwater canyons and steep water corals await you in the island of Gili Topekong. You must ride on a small outboard for half an hour to reach to one of Bali’s fabulous diving destinations. You’ll be amazed when you get to see its main attraction, the Topekong Spot. If you’re looking for fishes and coral reefs, the diversity it presents gives fewer problems to its spectators. Looking for some touch of US History in Southeast Asia? Then, Bali gives way to the Tulamben USS Liberty Shipwreck, one of the good destinations for visitors from the western side of the world.

The ship wreck itself is 30 meters off shore, when it sank during the Second World War in 1942. If you’re looking to fish out the night, then a full moon background would be the ideal scene for sea divers. The Jemeluk Beach, which is located in the Island’s East Coast, you’ll be greatly stunned with its numerous colorful coral beaches and fishes. Its black sands and calm waters will surely make it an ideal paradise for divers and beach lovers. No matter where you go, if you wish to learn to dive in Bali, you’ll be surprised for every island you hop on in these diverse islands in Indonesia.

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