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Dive Indonesia | November 22, 2017

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Diving in Gili Mimpang

Diving in Gili Mimpang
  • On October 25, 2012

Gili Mimpang is an island located in the north eastern side of Candidasa, Bali. This place is great for diving, underwater photographs, wall diving, sharks, mandarin fish, pelagic and coral reef. Gili Mimpang was first renowned its diving around early 1985. Since then, it has maintained a well earned reputation as a world class dive location for the famous Mola Mola Bali Sunfish. Gili Mimpang is also known as Batu Tiga, which means the three rocks, as from the surface that is exactly what it looks like three large rocks, but separate rock structures sticking out of the water are aligned from north to south. Gili Mimpang is located in Amuk Bay between Padang Bai and Candidasa in Bali mainland. Underwater, the vast amounts of sea fans here offer some amazing underwater scenery. You can find some really nice small caves that teem with fish, life and healthy soft coralsthat are surrounded by very photogenic glass fish here.

Bali is easily reachable because it is a well known tourist spot in the world. You may take most international flight from around the world, or domestic flight from Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. To reach Gili Mimpang, you have to get to a small town of Candidasa first. Candidasa is easily accessible via the main road of the island directly from the South of Bali. It takes about 2 hours to drive there by car from the Ngurah Rai International Airport of Denpasar or South Bali depending on the traffic. The best way to go there is by renting a car or minivan and hiring a personal driver. You can also get a bus to get there. From Candidasa, you can take a boat to the site which will take around 15 minutes.

Moray Eel at Gili Mimpang

Moray Eel at Gili Mimpang

Underwater, the vast amount of sea fans offers some superb underwater scenery. The topography of Gili Mimpang is diverse with sandy area starting from sloping reefs, walls, craggy rocks covered in hard and soft corals and big gorgonians. The southern end part of Gili Mimpang is one of the richest underwater worlds in Bali. The visibility is excellent, around 30 meters, but the current can be strong and tricky, which makes this place is suitable for experienced divers only. Here, you can see clouds of angelfish and chromis amongst the schools of other fish. It is also common to see Napoleon wrasse here, as well as black rays, leopard sharks, and white tip reef sharks. White tip reef sharks and the occasional black tip reef shark shows up regularly around the area. This site is also known as Shark Point because sharks are often seen here. Gili Mimpang is undoubtedly the best place to see sharks in Bali. In addition to the typical variety of coral fish, diving in Gili Mimpang may give you the chance of seeing shools of snappers, mackerels, tuna, sometimes manta rays and with a bit of luck maybe even a Mola Mola.

Gili Mimpang is one of the famous diving sites in Bali, located in the South-East of Candidasa. This Bali dive site is a small archipelago of four big rocks that can be only called magic, because of the beautiful scenery. Gili Mimpang is world famous as the best place to see sharks. Challenging currents, large marine life, and coral rich area are the reasons that make diving in Gili Mimpang a truly gift to be enjoyed.