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Dive Indonesia | November 22, 2017

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Diving in Padaido Island

Diving in Padaido Island
  • On October 29, 2012

The underwater attractions around Biak Island have the potential to compete with the famous Raja Ampat. Shielded from the fierce waves of the Pacific Ocean, Padaido Islands is located on calm water in the Gulf of Paradise. Padaio Islands is a perfect place to perform a variety of underwater adventures where tourists are rarely seen. Padaido Islands is actually an archipelago, which consist of 30 small islands, located along the southeast side of the island of Biak, Papua. Padaido is derived from the local language that means beauty that cannot be disclosed. According to a study, Padaido Islands is a place that has the largest coral ecosystem biodiversity the world. Diving in Padaido is a great adventure because it has one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world.

To reach the islands, you can use the airplane from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta. There are airlines that provide direct trips from Jakarta to Biak Island, where the historical district of Numfor Biak is located. You can also take a flight from Jayapura to reach Biak. From the city of Biak, you can get a car or bus to reach the port town of Bosnik. From there, it only takes one hour to reach Padaido Islands by using motor boats, or about 3-4 hours using a canoe paddle.

The waters around Padaido Islands are home to 95 species of coral and 155 species of fish, including various types of reef sharks, octopuses and various other maritime properties. This cluster of islands has beautiful beaches and various types of habitats such as atolls, reef edge, and underwater caves. Here, you can find a huge variety of marine lives, including red and orange encrusting spongers, Christmas tree worms, basket and tube spongers, soft and hard corals, sea-fans, anemones, clown fish, red-blue pink and brown starfish, bright colored crinoids, giant tunicates, sea-whips, nudibranch, transparent and red-striped coral shrimps, blue ribbon ells, lobsters, molluscs and thousands of ornamental coral fish. You can also find larger fish such as moray eels, skipjacks, lobster, napoleons, barracuda, turtles, tuna and sharks, especially the grey reef variety while you are diving in Padaido. The beautiful fishes and coral heads decorate these waters with brilliant colors. The currents are strong enough in some parts, so it would be best if you have enough experience in diving, or have a local diver to guide you in the water. The visibility in depths is great, up to 25 feet, which lets you to feel like you are swimming in a giant aquarium. Padaido has a huge variety of diving spots, including Wundi Cave, Baraccuda Point, Owi Island, Ruras, World War II remnants and many other dive spots.

Padaido Islands is a paradise for those of you who like diving or snorkeling as it has wonderful and world class marine lives. The beaches scattered on the islands have cotton-white sand and clear water, so that sunlight can penetrates into the seabed enabling you to see the marine life from the mainland. Diving in Padaido is like swimming in a gigantic aquarium.

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