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Dive Indonesia | November 19, 2017

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Diving in Kota Kinabalu

March 26, 2014 |

Borneo is an area that is made of parts of Malaysia, Brunei, Sabah, and Indonesia, and it lies in the South China Sea. Along the western coast in Sabah is the capital city of Kota Kinabalu, known throughout Borneo as KK. The coast and these waters are ideal for vacationers and tourists. Diving in Kota Kinabalu is a popular pastime and provides a memorable experience for anyone who tries it. Kota Kinabalu is a thriving area that gives tourists an idyllic view of Malaysian Borneo. Of course, Borneo diving holds a great appeal for many aficionados, both because there are so many dive sites such as Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai located around the edge of the island, and because of the beauty of the reefs and underwater life in the warm waters of the South China Sea.

However, Kota Kinabalu is a particularly inviting area. Top class hotels overlook the quiet town with the bustling markets, the beautiful stretches of land and exotic wildlife, and the inviting warm waters of the sea, only a short drive from anywhere in the town. Shopping, hiking, and sightseeing are all unsurpassed in this paradise, and divers have a real treat in store. Just a short boat ride off the coast, you will find the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which is a cluster of five beautiful, idyllic islands. In the waters among these islands are areas that are ideal for shallow diving. Divers will enjoy swimming around the reefs and underwater formations, watching the undersea life thrive and skitter about.

If you did not bring your scuba gear, you need not fret because you can visit a scuba shop or dive shop in town. If you are new at scuba diving, this is a great place to learn. You can experience safe, shallow diving, not too far from land. Stop in at a scuba shop to find out what gear you will need to get started. Yachts and diving boats are available for rental all along the coast of Kota Kinabalu, and each boat comes with its own captain and first mate, both of whom will be knowledgeable of the island, the national park, and the waters in the area. Diving instructors and coaches are also available. It is easy to find a diving center to find the resources you need.

Seasoned divers will be pleased to know that there are several local dive groups that use Kota Kinabalu and the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park as a base; become acquainted with one of these groups, and you will be able to find spots that are not so heavily touristed and perhaps see some sights you would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Whether you are a seasoned diver looking for a new adventure, or a rookie just looking for some new experiences, you will find diving in Kota Kinabalu enticing and thoroughly enjoyable. The warm, shallow waters offer a safe haven for those just starting out, and even experienced divers will enjoy the sights and sensations of diving in these inviting waters.

The World’s Best Diving Locations

March 13, 2014 |

Scuba diving is an extremely popular activity. It used to be referred to as an extreme sport, but due to the fact that anyone from the age of eight can now take part it is probably better described as an adventure or holiday sport. Some divers are brave enough to dive in cold waters in their homelands, but the best scuba diving experiences for recreational divers are usually in tropical or sub-tropical waters where coral reefs can flourish. Although the Red Sea and the Caribbean are very popular package holiday destinations and regarded by many as the best places to go scuba diving, Southeast Asia arguably has the best scuba diving in the world.

Indonesia’s 17,000+ islands are home to the most diverse and healthy marine life in the world, and the neighbouring countries also have some wonderful dive sites. Thailand is visited by millions of international tourists every year, and many of them enjoy scuba diving while there. The father and inventor of recreational scuba diving, the late Jacques Cousteau, named Richelieu Rock as one of his top ten diving sites in the world. Richelieu Rock is a submerged pinnacle which almost reaches the surface and drops down to a depth of fifty metres in crystal-clear waters with nothing else for miles around. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are common visitors, and even without them, the dive site is unbelievably colourful with its corals, anemones, reef fish and other inhabitants.

However, Richelieu Rock is quite isolated and part of Thailand’s Surin Islands National Marine Park. Without a great deal of other worthwhile diving sites nearby and the distance from resorts, hotels and tourist infrastructure, Richelieu Rock visitors need somewhere else to dive, too. Some Richelieu Rock dive tours also take in the mostly unexplored Burma Banks and Mergui Archipelago, but most combine trips with trips to the Similan Islands. Diving at the Similan Islands diving is not as extreme as at Richelieu Rock, but there are nearly two dozen great diving sites, and islands and islets for those who want to go on land, and opportunities to snorkel and do night diving.

The Big Two – Whale Sharks and Manta Rays – still make regular appearances, and there is a great variety of diving, some of which can be done by beginners. Diving safaris, or liveaboard cruises, sail from Khao Lak and Phuket between the end of October and the middle of May each year. There are several options to suit everyone’s budget, timeframe, and what kind of experiences they are after. Some can even take day trips to Richelieu Rock and The Similan Islands on fast, but safe and comfortable, speedboat catamarans. Similans diving is regarded by many as the best in the Andaman Sea and can be enjoyed for a lot less than some people may think.

Best Scuba Diving Destinations In the World

February 12, 2014 |

Ocean appeals the adventure freaks with its mystery and depth and it has always been a point of attraction for everyone. Offering a different world deep down the water, oceans have something that everyone wants to discover. Scuba diving is one of the famous water sports activities that truly give a different experience. In this activity, scuba drivers swim underwater using their swim fins attached to the feet and carry their source of breathing gas. Here is the list of some places offering best opportunities for scuba diving. Reach any of these destinations and enjoy the most exhilarating moments of your life.

Ari Atoll, Maldives
Ari Atoll in Maldives is a wonderful deep sea diving destination that boasts of many exclusive dive sites to explore. It is one of those sites where high quality sea diving can be enjoyed. Here, diving varies from various other sites of Maldives as it does not have long stretches of barrier reef. Atoll lagoons work here as places of marine aggregation. While diving in the sea, divers come close to several aquatic animals like sharks, eagle rays and several other oceanic animals.

Caño Island, Costa Rica
Cano Island is one of the most amazing diving destinations in Costa Rica. It is a perfect destination to experience multiplicity of marine life. Providing an unforgettable scuba diving experience, Costa Rica brings ample opportunity to explore marine life. It is a tropical paradise, which allows the tourists exploring the true assets of ocean. Come across several oceanic like sharks, mantas, and angelfish and stunning coral reefs.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Located just off the coast of Ecuador, Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands. It is famous as a perfect spot to explore bigger marine life like whales, sharks, sea lions and equatorial penguins. The location witnesses strong currents and low visibility that is why only experienced divers should dive at this place. The water here can be colder than 10ºC.

The Red Sea, Egypt
Positioned between Africa and Asia, The Red Sea features three main sites for diving that attract the divers for thrilling experiences. It received this name due to the occasional algal blooms that occur here giving the sea a reddish tint. Explore here amazing coral, huge variety of fishes, protected reefs and wrecks. It is an ideal location for beginners due to enjoying small wave actions.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest sites to enjoy scuba diving in Australia. Spread over 2,000 km from the north down to the south, it is the world’s largest coral reef system that is being noticed from the space as well. Come across a number of turtles, dolphins, whales and porpoises at this site. Also meet 125 species of sharks here.

Red Sea Diving In Taba

February 12, 2014 |

Taba, also known as “the gateway to the Sinai”, is situated next to the Egyptian/Israeli border. This picturesque stretch of the Red Sea coast offers some of the best scuba diving the Red Sea has to offer. Taba is a stone’s throw from the renowned Israeli diving resort of Eilat. Taba has gone on to surpass its distinguished predecessor, and now flourishes as one of the top Red Sea diving destinations. It is a great location for scuba diving holidays.

This stretch of the Red Sea has been awarded Marine Park status, and not undeservedly, for this area has some stunning sea life to offer. Taba’s year-round temperate climates and sheltered location in the Gulf of Aqaba makes it the perfect winter retreat for the beginner diver and the more experienced alike.

This stretch of the Red Sea offers some very rare Marine life, and some of the best Red Sea diving in an untarnished environment. Seahorses can sometimes be found here – a species becoming rarer and rarer in the rest of the Red Sea. The frog fish is a frequent find. Schools of lionfish are also often observed, with barracudas, octopi, pufferfish, turtles and dolphins frequently spotted too. Add all this together, and you will see why Taba is now one of the top Red Sea diving destinations for scuba holidays. Some of Taba’s most famous diving sites are:

Pharaoh’s Island

A lagoon with four separate dive sites, which is rich in reef life.

The Aquarium

This dive site comprises a drift dive, which drops off to a shallow coral bed. A wide variety of marine life can be observed here.

Maxwell’s Reef

This dive site is a seamount starting at 12m, which drops away to approximately 60m. There are some fantastic table corals and large population of anthias, with red toothed triggerfish and bat fish frequent finds.

For Non-Divers

Taba Heights, only a short car journey away, boasts an impressive US championship level golf course, and the marina and village are well worth a visit. There are plenty of beach activities for the children, such as snorkelling, glass bottomed boat rides, canoeing and banana boats, not to mention windsurfing and sailing. Taba Heights also features some wonderful parks and gardens in which to take a stroll, not forgetting of course the Ras Abu Galum and Nabq nature reserves, where gazelles, herons, foxes, Nubian ibexes and ospreys can all be spotted.

A little further afield awaits St Catherine’s Monastery, and its large collection of illuminated manuscripts, second only to that of the Vatican. Pharaoh’s Island Fort, Salah El Din Citadel, is also well worth a visit. The Fort was built as a safe house for pilgrims as they made their journey to and from the monastery. Visit the captivating Coloured Canyon and marvel at the surreal Canyon walls with their dramatic rock formations and fantastic colours. Mount Sinai, also known as the Mountain of Moses, makes an unforgettable day out. Take a trek up to 3000 Steps of Repentance to truly appreciate the name’s meaning and enjoy spectacular views of the sunset or sunrise.

Diving In North Asia

January 30, 2014 | 1

Indonesia has been termed the “Cradle of Diversity” by marine biologists, and with good reason. A recent survey counted more than 3,000 fish species here. Crowning it all is North Sulawesi, and the jewel in that crown is the Lembeh Straits.  North Sulawesi is formed by the long, thin peninsula that juts out from Sulawesi Island into the Celebes Sea. The marine species diversity of this region is unparalleled, a fact recognized by the locals, who have set up a number of reserves, and by the divers who flock here. The careful approach to the marine environment here by local government means that 90 percent of the coral cover is alive and in good condition, a remarkable statistic considering the pressure the remainder of the Indonesian archipelago experiences from destructive fishing methods.

The Lembeh Straits is the channel between the island of Lembeh and the northern lip of Sulawesi. It is quite a shallow body of water ranging in depth front 16 ft (5 m) to 98ft (30 m) – so divers need to be aware of the large vessels that pass regularly overhead, as well as the periodic strong currents.  But while at first glance this may seem merely an unprepossessing shipping channel, closer inspection reveals a world of tiny riches.


The magic that draws divers to this area is the extraordinary range of tiny but beautiful reef animals that can be found in the shallow coastal seas off North Sulawesi. The sheer diversity of “macro life” (small marine creatures) here, and the sometimes bizarre forms it takes, has led to the area being dubbed “God’s wastebasket.” Outlandish species like the hairy frogfish make amazing photographic subjects.

The Straits have a big name for small things-this is the finest site in the world for encountering the most exquisite, delicate, and unusual inhabitants of tropical seas. Diving in the Lembeh Straits goes by the unpromising name of “muck diving” – so called because of the dark sand that covers the seabed and the necessity to examine it closely for target species during the course of a dive. But the effort involved in diving here is well rewarded. Mimic octopus, pygmy sea horses, ghost pipefish, leaf fish, frogfish, and blue-ringed octopus can all be found here.

The Bunaken Marine Park is one of the driving forces for conservation on North Sulawesi. It surrounds five islands, on which are a few small fishing villages, and covers over 290 sq miles (750 sq km). The park offers fantastic muck diving and also some tremendous walls, the most notable of which are Lekuan II and Mandolin on Bunaken, and Panguilingan in Mahado Tua.

The Best Places to Dive in Bali

January 23, 2014 |

Diving and snorkeling are fascinating water sports for those who love marine adventure. And when you come to Bali, you feel like living in a paradise because there are many diving spots you can visit to fulfill your passion. The scenery of underwater in Bali is so gorgeous and you can explore coral reefs, colorful fishes, and seaweed. The best time to dive here is during April to October. Here are some places you can visit when you want to enjoy your vacation in Bali.

Tulamben lies at Kubu sub-district northern Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is around 25 km from Amlapura City. When you come from Denpasar City, you can go to Tulamben by driving a car for 82 km. Besides underwater scenery, you also can enjoy the other uniqueness because there is wreck of USS Liberty. This ship sank in 1942 because it hit by Japanese’s torpedo during Second War World in 30 meters depth. When you dive here, you can enjoy hundreds species of fishes that occupy the wreck. You can rent diving equipment. For this service, you will have to pay US$92.

Padang Bai 
Padang Bai lies at the eastern of Bali, close to Candi Dasa. This is a place to dock ferries to cross the sea to Lombok and Gili. Spending your time by doing sport activities will give you great experiences. When you jump into water, you will see hundreds of fishes and coral reefs. The most popular spot in Padang Bai is called as Point Shark Mimpang and Tepekong Canyon. At night, you can swim in Blue Lagoon. This spot offers you an exotic underwater panorama. For you who want to collect souvenirs, there are many mini shops selling local handmade from Bali.

Nusa Lembongan 
Nusa Lembongan lies 12 km from Badung Strait. It is a small island close to Nusa Penida Island and offers incredible experiences of diving. To reach this spot, you can go from Sanur Beach by motor boat for two hours. If you come from Benoa Port, it takes 1.5 hours by Bounty Cruises and Bali Hai Cruises which is depart from Ponton. When you come to Nusa Lembongan, you don’t need to worry about where you will stay at night. Here are some hotels, restaurants, and bungalows. You also can rent diving equipment and enjoy wonderful marine life.

Menjangan Island

menjangan island

menjangan island

Menjangan is a small island and lies 5 miles at the west of Bali. The island is considered as a center of local tourism. The reason is because Menjangan Island lies at National Park in West Bali. Total area in this island is 19,000 hectares, including Banyuwedang Peninsula. Most of tourists who visit the island want to stay longer because the island offers you incredible panorama. Coral reefs, colorful fishes, calm water and beautiful scenery will accompany you during your holiday in Menjangan Island. You will not forget the moment you diving in the island because Menjangan is one of the best diving spots in Bali.


Sanur Beach 
Sanur Beach offers you amazing underwater flora and fauna because this place has various spots. That is mean you can choose the location you like. You can meet shark, bat fish, barracuda, seahorse, and other species. You can rent diving equipment and dive together with professional. If you like to enjoy your holiday by diving in Sanur Beach, this spot can be reached around 6 km from Denpasar City. It takes around 30 minutes by driving a car, motorcycle or public transportation. The other activity you can try in Sanur Beach is sea walker. That is mean you can do many things when you visit Sanur Beach. The sensation of diving or enjoy flora and fauna become unforgettable moment.

The next question is whether you can dive or not? You don’t need to worry about it because you can take a short course. The instructor will guide you and give your suggestion when you learn it. They are professional divers and will help you to try diving in these spots. Thus, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling when you visit Bali. Next, you can see traditional dancing and local dishes.

Karimunjawa: The Most Wonderful Underwater World

February 14, 2013 |

Indonesia has a lot of wonderful diving spots and Karimunjawa is one of them. Karimunjawa Archipelago consist of 27 enchanting islands located ­on 45 miles Northwest of Jepara, it is about 107.225 ha total area of Karimunjawa Archipelago in territory,  which split up with 100.105 ha of sea area and 7.120 ha of land area. 

Known as Central Java’s Paradise, Karimunjawa has a lot of attractions to offer; starting from diving, swimming, sunbathing to walking across the mangrove forest. This place is home to natural beauty and various unique species like fish,birds and coral reefs. For those who want to learn how to dive from scratch, this place is the best place to start your diving lesson.

Most of the sea part of Karimunjawa is covered with coral reefs until 40 meter depth. The coral reefs here are stunning as Karimunjawa has 66 ­types of coral reefs and a type of endangered reef called Musik Reef (tubipora musica). Furthermore, for underwater world lovers, you can do snorkeling or diving to enjoy the amazing sea biodiversity in this wonderful place.

There are various tour packages you can choose to get to Karimunjawa. You can start your trip to Karimunjawa from the capital of Central Java, Semarang. You can reach Karimunjawa from Tanjung Mas port in Semarang by boat. It takes about 3,5 hours to get there.

There are some great attractions you must not miss while you are there. Here they are:

Mangrove forest

Two main islands, Karimunjawa and Kemujan are connected with the mangrove fields. Part of the forests are promoted to be ‘educational forest’ to promote environmental awareness among the locals.

Cemara Besar Island

Cemara is a pine tree, a kind of tree you also can find in Karimunjawa. You can get here by boat for snorkeling or diving (from the main island of Karimunjawa, it takes about one hour). Diving in Cemara Besar Island gives you the most unforgettable diving experience as you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. However, no underwater photography is allowed here, so make sure you really enjoy the picture of enchanting underwater world while diving in Cemara Besar Island.

The sparkling blue water really calms you down, no wonder people love diving in cemara Besar Island (and the sea near Cemara Besar Island).

Pulau Gundul (Bald Island)

The best place to escape from your routine. Acutally, this island is a training ground for navy and military and is lacking in vegetation.


Watch the best sunset

Go to the island of Tanjung Gelam, one of the islands in Karimunjawa, to watch one of the best sunsets on Earth. In addition, you can get to the dock of Karimunjawa island to get the sunset spots. However, because of the mountain location, it is a bit difficult to capture the best sunrise spot in Karimunjawa Island.

Cemara Kecil Island

Do you love challenges? Try to swim with sharks in Cemara Kecil Island. It is recommended that you go swimming in the morning as the tide is not that high. Are you afraid of being bitten? Relax, the guides say that the sharks are already benign.

Karimunjawa may not sound so popular and you may be wondering what that place can offer. However, if you love diving and snorkeling, you cannot miss this paradise on Earth for sure! You will not get enough exploring the natural beauty of all 27 paradise islands. Make sure you enjoy your holiday in Karimunjawa!

Diving Centers in Balikpapan

February 14, 2013 |

When we talk about diving in Indonesia, the dazzling Raja Ampat in Papua or the peaceful Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara will come to your mind first. However, are there any other good diving spots in Indonesia?

The city of Balikpapan in East Kalimantanmay be less popular for divers, even most of us have never known whether this oil-rich city has a beautiful diving spot. However, Balikpapan actually is one of the most wonderful diving destinations in Indonesia.

You can reach this city by air as most Indonesian carriers serve Jakarta-Balikpapan route. In addition to that route, there is also a flight from Singapore.

If you are wondering about diving centers in Balikpapan, here are some recommended places:

Derawan Dive Resort

One of the most popular diving centers in Balikpapan. Derawan is a group of islands just off the coast in East Kalimantan. There are four magnificent islands with their uniqueness and richness in underwater species you have never imagine before.

Just dive in Derawan Island, the main island of the archipelago. You will see a various of stunning species such as ­big green turtles (chelonia mydas), whitetip leopard and nurse sharks, schooling barracudas, napoleon wrasses, cuttle fish, spanish mackerel, jacks and batfishes and ornamental reef fishes hang out in record densities and diversity.

This island is also known as critter paradise, you will be absolutely amazed by critters you find under the waters; ­luminous multi coloured dumpling squids, pairs of 3 ft (1 meters) crocodile fishes, finger-sized purple sea horses and unidentified species of worms, tunicates and dwarf scorpiofish.

The other three islands (Kakaban, Maratua and Sangalaki) also boast their undersea beauty. Kakaban Island, for example. This island is home to some strange sea species. Meanwhile, you can see some scariest fish in Maratua Island to test your adrenaline such as the barracuda. Last but not least, Sangalaki Island is the capital of mantas as you can see manta rays come from all directions. These mantas will accompany your swimming and this really gives you the most unfogettable experience.

About resorts and hotel, no need to worry as there is Derawan Dive Resort, a peaceful resort with all facilities you need. This resort has 27 cottages with traditional style. The floating restaurant with 75 capacity with panoramic sea view and all mouthwatering food varied from Indonesian to Western.

The price of the room varies from standard double priced at IDR 475.000,- per night to suite room at IDR 1.330.000,-. Make sure you check availability of facilities as some facilities are only provided in certain cottages.


Narwastu Dive Center

This is another great diving center in Balikpapan. This diving center is the best place for those who want to learn how to dive. You do not need to be afraid of being under water as all instructors here are PADI and HSA (for people with disabilities) certified. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, this place is a must-visit diving center for you.

So, are you ready to dive in Balikpapan?

Dive And Save Raja Ampat

February 14, 2013 |

Do you remember the movie Avatar by James Cameron? It is about a very beautiful outer space place called Pandora that has magnificent scenery, thousands of exotic animals and wise local tribes called the Na’vi that is all endangered because of greedy humans that try to mine their precious mineral without considering the consequences. Well, there are some places in this earth that is actually face the same problems as Pandora. Papua, in this case Raja Ampat, is one of them.

Raja Ampat is an archipelago that consists of more than 1.500 islands including four main islands of Misool Island, Salawati Island, Bantata Island and Waigeo Island. This place is located in West Papua Province of Indonesia. To get there, you can fly to Sorong, and then take speedboat or long boat for about one until three hours.

Just like Pandora in the movie, Raja Ampat is a very beautiful place. It is a home for 1.628 species of reef fish, 603 species of hard coral, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. It is also the natural habitat of 13 species of marine mammals and 5 species of endangered sea turtles. This amazing marine biodiversity makes Raja Ampat a sacred place that needs to be saved from all parties that try to endanger it. Around 75% of all species that exist in this earth live there and need our careful attention to stay alive.

Raja Ampat is definitely a heaven for those who love diving. Diving in Raja Ampat will certainly give you an unforgettable experience because there are so many amazing spots with different kind of view every time you move. You can start your amazing diving experience by meeting Manta Rays in Southwest of Waigeo Island. After that, you can go to Northwest of Misool Island to see the famous Blue Mangroves that crazily made beautiful labyrinths. Then, you can go straight to Wayag Islands to see hundreds of limestone islands with silver sand beach and Grey Reef Sharks that swim underwater. Last but not least, make sure you witness the amazing phenomenon that only happen in the darkest phase of the moon. Ride your boat between Bantata Island and Salawati Island and wait for the Wai’s trees to glow with million of fireflies blinking together in the same rhyme.

Done doing diving in Raja Ampat, you might want to try kayaking, exploring the islands by boat, exploring bat caves, catch a fish using traditional Papuan techniques and many more. For those who love beaches, you can go to Sawandarek to enjoy the beautiful white sand beach, home of the sea ducks and magnificent corals.

Tempted by the beauty of Raja Ampat, now write ‘visiting Raja Ampat’ in a piece of paper, frame it and put it in the first place you see when you wake up. It is an amazing place which will continually give you surprises of miraculous unexpected things and events that will always take your breath away.  Go there, dive there and do your very best to keep them save. Make sure your children and grand children can have the same opportunities to experience the beautiful Raja Ampat.

Explore the Stunning Dive Site in Kungkungan Bay

February 14, 2013 |

Kungkungan Bay may not be as popular as Bunaken. However, the tourists, especially the divers both local and foreign tourists, seem interested to visit Kungkungan Bay because this marine tourism location is perfect for diving. There are beautiful beaches and ocean marine biodiversity premises which are really beautiful when you are diving in Kungkungan Bay.

It would not be difficult to reach Kungkungan Bay. If you are using a private vehicle from the city of Manado, you must head towards Bitung first. This trip can be taken within two hours, followed by a 20-minute trip down the road to the Lembeh Strait. It is far enough and takes mileage but it will be paid by the ethics winding after you have arrived at the location.

One thing that is very unique is that when tourists arrive there, the officials will distribute bread for them. The bread is not for you to eat but it is distributed for snacks to feed the marine fish. The crowd of colorful fish will eat the bread into the typical landscape Kungkungan which is reported not owned by any other resort. Meanwhile, the water is barely wavy as there is no big wave on the sea. It is because of its geography is under the hill. Kungkungan Bay is also flanked by two small islands; Lembe Island and Serena Island. Sea water is calm and clear; making you can easily observe the marine ecosystem such as a blue starfish, yellow tail fish and many more with the naked eye. You will be served by a very charming marine biodiversity in this area. Established in 1995 in cooperation with the city government of Bitung, Kungkungan was built with the concept of underwater tour which will be retained.

There are resorts where you could stay while you are there. To create the private impression, there are 17 bungalows available, which those all are facing the sea. Due to the limited resort, tourists are usually had to book seven day before they come. For domestic tourists, bungalows are rented for between IDR 700.000,- to IDR 900.000,- per day. As for foreign tourists, the price can be twice as expensive to U.S. dollar exchange rate. If you want togo diving in Kungkungan Bay, you will be charged for IDR 180.000,- per hour and IDR 120.000 per hour for snorkeling.

There are at least 38 dive points in a depth of 12 to 15 meters. While you are diving in Kungkungan Bay, you will be accompanied with professional instructors from Eco Divers. The instructors are also acts as a photographer to ensure your underwater tour enshrined. For the convenience of diving, each diver is limited to four people per one instructor.

A variety of marine fish and beautiful coral clusters are typical underwater world in Kungkungan Bay. Even if you are lucky, you may meet rare species such as the pygmy seahorses, hairy frog fish, Ambon scorpion fish and pipe fish to flowers. Have a nice visit in Kungkungan Bay!