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Dive Indonesia | November 19, 2017

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Karimun Java Island

April 24, 2014 | 1

Indonesia is an archipelago country which consists of thousands islands. People all around the world have known Bali Island with its beautiful culture and tourism spots. Who can forget the sunset in its white sand beach? People may recognize Bunaken as a world class diving spot. However, Bali and Bunaken are not the only “watery” place with beauty in Indonesia. Have you ever heard about Karimun Java Islands?

Karimun Java Islands is located at Java Sea approximately 83 kilometers north Java Island. To reach the islands from Jogjakarta, people must go to Jepara first and get on boat to cross the sea. There are some transportation choices to get there, but to experience super cheap and adventurous trip, motorcycle could be chosen. By using this vehicle, we do not spend more than 75.000 rupiahs for gasoline for about 4-5 days tour. You will adventure 5-6 hours ride from Jogjakarta to Jepara. Please enjoy the view around the road. Do not be shocked when you find the road getting crowded at noon. If exhausted, you can stop once or twice during the ride.

After arrive in Jepara, you have to go to Kartini Beach and find your ferry. By paying 28.500 rupiahs per person for economic class seat and 27.500 rupiahs each motorcycle, you will find yourself floating on a medium size ferry. You will be shaken for a little while, but after dropped on the main island of Karimun Java, the wonderful view and atmosphere will replace that “tiny” pain. Then, it is the time to fully enjoy the islands.

To get cheap place to stay overnight, you can go to some government office, such as police office. Just be friendly with the officer and they will very please to give you place to sleep and bath. There are some citizens who sell food for tourists with low price, so you do not have to worry about your stomach. Like I have say before, you just have to be friendly with the island people and perhaps you will find yourself roast fishes with them for free.

Karimun Java offers many kind of excitement even you do not bring much money. You can use motorcycle you bring along to explore the main island. There are some fabulous white sand beaches that you will not regret. If you want to go to another island, you can rent a fisherman’s boat by paying 300.000-350.000 rupiahs (price could be cheaper if you get close with them). You will be free to dive, to swim, to sail, to explore the islands, or to sit and enjoy the sea. If do not have enough money to rent a boat, why do not “hitchhike” when the fisherman goes to work? It is kind of another adventure. It is all up to you.

Karimunjawa: The Most Wonderful Underwater World

February 14, 2013 |

Indonesia has a lot of wonderful diving spots and Karimunjawa is one of them. Karimunjawa Archipelago consist of 27 enchanting islands located ­on 45 miles Northwest of Jepara, it is about 107.225 ha total area of Karimunjawa Archipelago in territory,  which split up with 100.105 ha of sea area and 7.120 ha of land area. 

Known as Central Java’s Paradise, Karimunjawa has a lot of attractions to offer; starting from diving, swimming, sunbathing to walking across the mangrove forest. This place is home to natural beauty and various unique species like fish,birds and coral reefs. For those who want to learn how to dive from scratch, this place is the best place to start your diving lesson.

Most of the sea part of Karimunjawa is covered with coral reefs until 40 meter depth. The coral reefs here are stunning as Karimunjawa has 66 ­types of coral reefs and a type of endangered reef called Musik Reef (tubipora musica). Furthermore, for underwater world lovers, you can do snorkeling or diving to enjoy the amazing sea biodiversity in this wonderful place.

There are various tour packages you can choose to get to Karimunjawa. You can start your trip to Karimunjawa from the capital of Central Java, Semarang. You can reach Karimunjawa from Tanjung Mas port in Semarang by boat. It takes about 3,5 hours to get there.

There are some great attractions you must not miss while you are there. Here they are:

Mangrove forest

Two main islands, Karimunjawa and Kemujan are connected with the mangrove fields. Part of the forests are promoted to be ‘educational forest’ to promote environmental awareness among the locals.

Cemara Besar Island

Cemara is a pine tree, a kind of tree you also can find in Karimunjawa. You can get here by boat for snorkeling or diving (from the main island of Karimunjawa, it takes about one hour). Diving in Cemara Besar Island gives you the most unforgettable diving experience as you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. However, no underwater photography is allowed here, so make sure you really enjoy the picture of enchanting underwater world while diving in Cemara Besar Island.

The sparkling blue water really calms you down, no wonder people love diving in cemara Besar Island (and the sea near Cemara Besar Island).

Pulau Gundul (Bald Island)

The best place to escape from your routine. Acutally, this island is a training ground for navy and military and is lacking in vegetation.


Watch the best sunset

Go to the island of Tanjung Gelam, one of the islands in Karimunjawa, to watch one of the best sunsets on Earth. In addition, you can get to the dock of Karimunjawa island to get the sunset spots. However, because of the mountain location, it is a bit difficult to capture the best sunrise spot in Karimunjawa Island.

Cemara Kecil Island

Do you love challenges? Try to swim with sharks in Cemara Kecil Island. It is recommended that you go swimming in the morning as the tide is not that high. Are you afraid of being bitten? Relax, the guides say that the sharks are already benign.

Karimunjawa may not sound so popular and you may be wondering what that place can offer. However, if you love diving and snorkeling, you cannot miss this paradise on Earth for sure! You will not get enough exploring the natural beauty of all 27 paradise islands. Make sure you enjoy your holiday in Karimunjawa!

Exploring The Beauty of Karimunjawa

February 14, 2013 |

Indonesia has a lot to offer for diving maniacs as the country is home to several enchanting diving spots. One of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia is Karimunjawa Island. The name may not sound familiar if you only know the most popular in Indonesia is Bali. Karimunjawa is an archipelago consisting of 27 islands in ­the Java Sea, approximately 80 kilometres Northwest of Jepara. This amazing place is rich in sea biodiversity. There are nearly 250 species of reef fish and 100 species of corals thrive under the water and in the hills of the islands, you can find more than 40 species of birds. Actually, there are several tour packages you can choose and there are lots of things to do there;  from taking a diving course for beginners, eco diving or for research. Read More

The Underwater Garden of Menjangan Kecil Island

February 12, 2013 |

The Karimunjawa Marine Park in Central Java is home to many amazing underwater sceneries. One of the favorite dive spot in this area is the Menjangan Kecil Island. This gorgeous island that is located about 15 minutes to the South of Karimunjawa is often visited by people who docked not only to take a quick rest and have lunch, but also to enjoy its beautiful underwater view.

To reach the Menjangan Kecil Island in Karimunjawa, visitors may have to have a little patience because of the limited transportation. You can depart to Karimunjawa by taking a ferry from the Muria ferry port in Jepara. Unfortunately, as the ship is only available on certain days only, it is best that you find out first about the schedule of the ship, then depart to Karimunjawa. It might take quite a long time using the ferry, which might take more than 2 hours. While the time spent on the road is quite long, all of it will be rewarded as soon as you arrive on the Menjangan Kecil Island. Taking the air transportation is probably the fastest way to access Karimunjawa. You can take a private air charter serviced by Kura Kura, the only air charter operator flying to Karimunjawa Islands. Of course this service will be more expensive than taking a boat but you will only need 30 minutes to reach the islands with the minimum charter time of 2 hours. After you reach karimunjawa, you can easily reach Menjangan Kecil Island by boat.

Long beach dotted with white sand greets you once you have reached the island. Try grilling your own fish over a campfire made ​​with makeshift tree branches, which provide unique sensation and pleasure of its own. Menjangan Kecil Island also offers a nice change away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city, where tweeting birds and refreshing breeze of wind enhancing the serene and tranquil atmosphere of the island. If you are interested in camping, there are several spots in this island that is especially provided as camping area for those who want to momentarily disappear from civilization and enjoy sleeping with nature.

Diving in Menjangan Kecil Island is one of the popular activities in Karimunjawa. With calm and warm sea as its specialties, snorkeling around the underwater vista of Menjangan Kecil is something that must be experienced. Although the snorkeling spots located quite far from the shoreline to a depth of about 2 to 5 feet, you will be rewarded when you discover the scenic underwater palace of Menjangan Kecil. By simply diving into the depth of 20 meters, you can enjoy the coral reef that is both alive and colorful. The view is just like an underwater garden, where leaves-shaped coral reefs are blooming with beautiful color of white, yellow and golden. Even more exciting, the famous clown fish, or more popularly known as the nemo fish, will be your loyal and constant companion while diving. If you are observant, you can also find black mussels that further beautify the underwater view of Menjangan Kecil behind the rocks. There is also a wooden ship wreck covered by soft corals and inhabited by various sea lives. The Schooling of Snapper and Fusiliers are the main highlight of this dive site and you can also often seen Octopus in the months of March and April.

The Hidden Beauty of Tengah Island

February 12, 2013 |

The waters of Indonesia have been long known as one of the best spots for diving in the world. One such diving site is located in the beautiful archipelagic marine park of Karimunjawa. If you are the type of person who loves adventure, then you are obliged to feel the crystal clear sea water, blue sky, white clouds and fresh air of Karimunjawa. Among those beautiful islands, there is this one island that you have to visit, Pulau Tengah or Tengah Island. Even though the island is not too large, only approximately 4 hectares, its beauty is stunningly wonderful both on land and under the waters.

Tengah Island is one of the few islands that lie in Karimunjawa archipelago. Tengah Island is 1.5 hours away from major islands Karimunjawa and can be easily reached by boat. Tengah Island is located right in the middle of the ocean, so that could be the origin of the island’s name of being in “the middle” (Tengah=Middle). In this island a small wooden pier was built so that small boats or fishing boats can be docked.

Tengah Island has been known for its beauty among the beach lovers, especially those who have been to Karimunjawa. The view of Tengah Island in a distance from the boat looks very beautiful, and that beauty will only multiplied once you arrive on the island. The natural beauty and wealth of marine life on the island ought to be expressed as a hidden beauty of Karimunjawa. The highest temperature on the island is between 30°C and 27°C. Sand, coral reefs and coral rocks are what make up the composition of this island. Palm trees and sea pine thrives almost the entire land area. The water is so clear that it allows you to see the coral reefs right from the ship. Coral reefs such as table coral and brain coral can be seen at a depth of 3-10 meters with very good condition.

As you might have expected, diving in Tengah Island is relatively easy as its waters are quite warm, with the highest temperature within 30°C and the lowest temperature around 27°C. There is almost no strong current here and even if there is, it must be a weak current along the coast.

Under the sea of Tengah Island, there are many beautiful marine life such as the likes of schools of fish or yellow tail fusilier (caesionidae) that are colored in blue, yellow and silver. There are also some other fishes such as snapper and sweetlips fusiliers in about 5 to 20 meters depth. Coral reef fishes such as butterfly, angel, cardinal, damselfish, grouper, batfish, anthias, surgeon, wrasse, parrot, box, puffer, trigger and porcupine can also be seen in the depths of 3 to 17 meters.

Bottom dwellers fish such as flounder, gobies, moray, flathead, blennies and scorpion fish are available to be spotted in the depth of 3 to 20 meters. Other organisms including octopus, shrimps and crabs also inhabit the waters of the island, where they are usually found at depths between 5 to 20 meters. Although quite rare, there are also mollusks, sea snakes, turtles, stingrays, sharks and dolphins in the depths of 5 to 20 meters.









Dive and Swim with Sharks in Menjangan Besar Island

November 16, 2012 |

The Karimunjawa archipelago could be considered as Java’s hidden paradise. White sandy beaches and crystal water is always a welcome sights for those who visits Karimunjawa. It is also home of the Karimunjawa National Park, which consisted of twenty-two islands around it that have been declared as a marine reserve. These islands have their own beauty and uniqueness – each one has their own charm that we may not be able to experience on other islands. One such island that offers some great experiences and worth to visit is Menjangan Besar Island. Read More

Diving in Karimunjawa

November 16, 2012 |

Most people have known that Indonesia has many beautiful and scenic diving sites such as Raja Ampat, Lombok, Bunaken or Bali. But how many are there know about the hidden diving jewel in the land of Java? Many might have not known about this, but the land of java also has their own special place that hold many unique diving site, white sandy beaches and serene nuance named Karimunjawa. Read More