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Dive Indonesia | November 22, 2017

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Diving in Selayar Island

Diving in Selayar Island
  • On November 6, 2012

Selayar Islands are located in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This area has the specificity that is the only district in the entire territory of South Sulawesi separated from the mainland Sulawesi and consists of several clusters of islands that form an archipelago. Potential Tourism in Selayar Islands covers historical tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism and marine tourism. One of the famous national park, Taka Bonerate, is located in the district of Takabonerate. The closest city is Makassar, from there Selayar Island can be taken for 16 hours by boat. Taka Bonerate National Park is a marine park that has the third largest atoll in the world. There are about 15 islands in Taka Bonerate National Park, so it is great for diving, snorkeling, and other marine tourism. From some water activities, diving in Selayar Island is the most popular activity.

Selayar Island

Selayar Island

Many divers have been done diving in Selayar Island. Various experiences and records will not be forgotten if you go there. Diving in Selayar Island is interesting. The natural undersea is rich and beautiful and the water is so clear making the average visibility became very knowledgeable when it looked under marine paradise. The coral is dense, especially in conservation areas. Many dive sites can be explored throughout the season. Here is a paradise for the underwater photographer, because down there, the wide angle is also very good.

Some of the dive sites in the National Park Taka Bonerate have coral reefs that are very nice with the dominance of hard coral and soft coral. Some species of fish and other marine life are very diverse. There are some dive sites that you can choose to dive at. Ibel Orange 1 and Joan Garden dive sites are the dive sites with the water depths of 10-25 meters, the level of visibility of about 5-15 meters, and the marine life that could be found are hordes trevallies fish, snapper, Fusiliers, sweetlips, butterfly fish, cardinal fish, angelfish, parrot fish, surgeon fish, frog fish, grouper, damselfish, batfish, wrasse, trigger fish, Bumphead fish, flat worm, scorpion fish, lobsters, eagle rays, and nudibranchs, baby shark and turtle. Wall Reef is located at the depth of > 20 meters and the level of visibility 8-14 meters. The marine life that could be found here are the hordes of reef fish like snapper, sweetlips, barracuda, butterfly fish, cardinal fish, angel fish, damsekfish, grouper, batfish, wrasse, parrot fish, surgeon fish, trigger fish, scorpionfish, morray, crocodile fish, and pelagic fish such as tuna and tarvelling. Acropora Point is located at the sea depth of 25 meter with visibility distance of 8-14 meters. The sea biota that can be found here are schools of fish, snapper, fusiliers, angelfish, grouper, damselfish, batfish, wrasse, sweetlips, butterfly fish, cardinal fish, parrot fish, surgeon fish, frog fish, trigger fish, Bumphead fish, flat worm, scorpion fish, lobsters, eagle rays, nudibrach, and crocodile fish.

For those of you who like dive adventure, this place is full of challenges. If you are looking for tranquility of a place where no mass tourism, this is the right place to visit. Some of the dive sites have not been explored. You can go diving in Selayar Island. It could be a witness to the place that has not been touched by too many people.