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Dive Indonesia | November 22, 2017

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Red Sea Diving In Taba - Dive Indonesia

Red Sea Diving In Taba
  • On February 12, 2014

Taba, also known as “the gateway to the Sinai”, is situated next to the Egyptian/Israeli border. This picturesque stretch of the Red Sea coast offers some of the best scuba diving the Red Sea has to offer. Taba is a stone’s throw from the renowned Israeli diving resort of Eilat. Taba has gone on to surpass its distinguished predecessor, and now flourishes as one of the top Red Sea diving destinations. It is a great location for scuba diving holidays.

This stretch of the Red Sea has been awarded Marine Park status, and not undeservedly, for this area has some stunning sea life to offer. Taba’s year-round temperate climates and sheltered location in the Gulf of Aqaba makes it the perfect winter retreat for the beginner diver and the more experienced alike.

This stretch of the Red Sea offers some very rare Marine life, and some of the best Red Sea diving in an untarnished environment. Seahorses can sometimes be found here – a species becoming rarer and rarer in the rest of the Red Sea. The frog fish is a frequent find. Schools of lionfish are also often observed, with barracudas, octopi, pufferfish, turtles and dolphins frequently spotted too. Add all this together, and you will see why Taba is now one of the top Red Sea diving destinations for scuba holidays. Some of Taba’s most famous diving sites are:

Pharaoh’s Island

A lagoon with four separate dive sites, which is rich in reef life.

The Aquarium

This dive site comprises a drift dive, which drops off to a shallow coral bed. A wide variety of marine life can be observed here.

Maxwell’s Reef

This dive site is a seamount starting at 12m, which drops away to approximately 60m. There are some fantastic table corals and large population of anthias, with red toothed triggerfish and bat fish frequent finds.

For Non-Divers

Taba Heights, only a short car journey away, boasts an impressive US championship level golf course, and the marina and village are well worth a visit. There are plenty of beach activities for the children, such as snorkelling, glass bottomed boat rides, canoeing and banana boats, not to mention windsurfing and sailing. Taba Heights also features some wonderful parks and gardens in which to take a stroll, not forgetting of course the Ras Abu Galum and Nabq nature reserves, where gazelles, herons, foxes, Nubian ibexes and ospreys can all be spotted.

A little further afield awaits St Catherine’s Monastery, and its large collection of illuminated manuscripts, second only to that of the Vatican. Pharaoh’s Island Fort, Salah El Din Citadel, is also well worth a visit. The Fort was built as a safe house for pilgrims as they made their journey to and from the monastery. Visit the captivating Coloured Canyon and marvel at the surreal Canyon walls with their dramatic rock formations and fantastic colours. Mount Sinai, also known as the Mountain of Moses, makes an unforgettable day out. Take a trek up to 3000 Steps of Repentance to truly appreciate the name’s meaning and enjoy spectacular views of the sunset or sunrise.