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Dive Indonesia | November 22, 2017

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Best Dive Places In Utah - Dive Indonesia

Best Dive Places In Utah
  • On February 5, 2014

Utah has plenty of activities for anyone that loves the outdoors. One outdoor activity that many people may not think of is diving. There are plenty of places to enjoy the warm water in Utah, and even practice diving for vacations out of state.

One great place to go diving is the thermally heated water at Homestead Resorts. This small cave has perfectly heated water for the ultimate diving experience. With light streaming in from the small opening in the natural rock roof, there is just enough light to explore the water. You may discover a wheel or other pioneer tools that were left behind by the former residents of this valley. The Homestead also has other activities for both summer and winter after you finish diving.

Another hot spot is in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats, in the heated saltwater springs termed “hot pots.” Called Bonneville SeaBase, there are three sea dives which allow you to explore the same tropical, saltwater fish that you’d see in a Cayman dive. These sea dives are appropriately termed White Rocks Bay, Habitat Bay, and Abyss. The water is a balmy 72 to 79 degrees, with depths of 60 feet and visibility around 10 feet.

If you want better visibility and don’t mind a little colder water, try the local favorite dive, Fish Lake. With visibility of 30 feet, and plenty of fish, particularly crayfish, this dive is great for those looking for a little more action.

For a more diverse dive, try Flaming Gorge. This reservoir was created on the Utah and Wyoming border when the Green River was dammed up. There are myriads of fish to swim by in this reservoir, including lake trout, crayfish, bass, and plenty of other hunting possibilities for fish and treasure. With 30 to 60 feet visibility, there is plenty to see in this dive area.